Orphan puppies find their homes

Orphan puppies find their homes

It was a long 6 weeks of constant care for 9 orphaned puppies who were surrendered to us just over a month ago, but the results were worth it!

After the mother of the puppies past away they were delivered to our local PetSmart where the staff was ready to spring into action and help us clean and feed them. After their first feeding they made their way to a foster home where they carefully monitored. Once we were confident that they were strong enough for a little travel, 5 of them were sent to another foster home to ease some of the workload.

During their time in foster care the puppies gathered a following of fans and it was without struggles that 9 adoptive families were found prior to them being actually ready for adoption.

We brought all the puppies back to PetSmart for their big adoption day and snapped a photo capturing their impressive growth in just a few weeks!

This was such a great community effort! The public responded anytime we asked for supplies, our foster homes had everything under control and our adoption coordinator had every family lined up and ready to bring their new family member home.


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