Coming soon… a new animal shelter for Chatham-Kent

Coming soon… a new animal shelter for Chatham-Kent

It’s official! The first shovel has hit the ground and the new animal shelter is being built at this very moment.

After years of talks and thanks to the fundraising efforts of the Friends of The New Animal Shelter, the Municipality of Chatham-Kent has given the go ahead to the project to begin. The new shelter will be a much better, and bigger building for the stray and abandoned animals in our community.

The new building is approximately 3 times bigger than the current facility. Its new features will include a better and more effiecient air circulation system which in turn will provide a healthier environment for the animals and dramatically reduce the transmission of air borne diseases, especially for the cats being kept in care.

The current building was built over 40 years ago and is simply no longer adequate for, not only the number of animals being taken in each year, but also for the modern animal care standards.

Our team is beyond excited to watch the daily progress the construction crew is making with the building. We will be posting more photos as the building shapes up!