About Us

Pet and Wildlife Rescue

Our organization operates the animal shelter in Chatham and Wallaceburg. Our two mandates are:

  1. PAW Rescue is the contracted animal control provider for Wards 2, 4, 5 and 6 (South Kent, Chatham, Wallaceburg, Dresden).  As appointed By-law Enforcement Officers, PAW Rescue animal control officers are required to enforce the Municipality’s Responsible Animal Ownership By-law and the provincial law under the Dog Owners’ Liability Act.
  2. Our second mandate is to provide rescue services to all of Chatham-Kent which includes assisting pets and wildlife in need to the best of our abilities, availability and funds.

Domestic Pets

Pet Fostering/Adoption: Pet and Wildlife Rescue operates the animal shelter in Chatham. Though most of the animals are housed at the shelter we try to avoid keeping some of our pets in kennels and instead do our best to find them temporary care in one of our foster homes. This is especially important for older pets or pets with special needs so we encourage anyone able to open their home to consider giving a great pet a temporary home.
Become an animal foster

Cat Population Control: In an effort to help control local cat populations, Pet and Wildlife Rescue offers help to spay and neuter local cats when funding is available.


Currently Pet and Wildlife Rescue is partnered with several wildlife rescues to ensure wildlife in need is directed to the appropriate care. While Pet and Wildlife Rescue does not currently provide temporary housing nor treatment services for wildlife, we are continually assessing what needs exist and may expand our services in the future to meet local needs.
Our wildlife services.

Public Awareness

In-School Presentations: Pet and Wildlife Rescue is currently building several presentations with the common goal of teaching children on the needs of domestic animals, the way to help spread compassion and how to help animals in need. If your school would like to book a presentation, please contact us at pawrrescue@gmail.com

Compassion Ambassadors Program: We are always on the lookout for local heros! All kids from 0 to 18 are invited to join our Compassion Ambassador Program by telling us what you did, or plan on doing to promote compassion towards animals in your community. Every Ambassadors will be featured on our website, facebook page and sometimes in our local newspaper! Contact us to learn more: pawrrescue@gmail.com