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Sophie’s itch relief campaign

Sophie came to us covered in sores and with a skin condition so severe we didn’t know which route to take. After months of treatment and hypo-allergenic food we were getting somewhere but when the medication stopped the itchiness…

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So many dogs, so little funds

We need your help! We have taken in 27 dogs in August and several others are on our waiting list. Our bank account cannot keep up with the huge demand and these animals have limited time to get…

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Sterilizing Feral Cats isn’t cheap!

We work hard at maximizing our raised funds so as many animals in our community as possible can benefit from it. Feral cats get a…

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Sampson’s vision

Sampson lived at the end of a chain for years. He is terrified of thunderstorm and would try to chew his way into a shed during stormy weather. When the owners asked…

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We need kitten food!

We need help, we are taking in so many kittens we have used up all our kitten dry food. We have over 40 kittens in our rescue at the moment and these little buggers…

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Sadie is sick

Sadie was surrendered to us about 2 weeks ago. She is a 10 year old dappled Dachshund with eyes that would melt a heart of ice and her personality is simply the…

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Sick orphans

Though we are at capacity kitten wise we just couldn’t bare to leave these 4 sick kittens behind. All have upper respiratory infections and one has…

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Zoey the Great Dane needs surgery

We recently welcomed Zoey into our rescue. She is a young Great Dane with a very sweet personality. During her spay we asked our vet to investigate the buldge…

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Keisha’s ordeal

Meet Keisha, a 7 months old American Bulldog who came to us after a broken leg surgery. After more than 60 days of crate rest she finally had her pin removal surgery this week. We were all so…

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