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By M. Armstrong

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Sophie came to us covered in sores and with a skin condition so severe we didn’t know which route to take. After months of treatment and hypo-allergenic food we were getting somewhere but when the medication stopped the itchiness came back.

Her beautiful hair started falling off again and she just couldn’t get relief again. Because keeping her on strong meds wasn’t a long term option we decided to take the next step and test her for allergens. We received her results last week and Sophie is allergic to cats and dust mites.

Despite all the pain and discomfort Sophie remains a happy and fun dog who just wants to be around people and play. Such a great soul deserves a break so we are investing in a serum treatment that should relieve her from her allergies.

Of course this type of treatment does not come free and we ask for a bit of help from you if you can so we can get Sophie started and on the road to an itch free life!

Thank you.


Sophie – Day 1


Sophie – Day 1


Sophie after a few weeks in foster care


Sophie after a few weeks in foster care


Sophie today


Sophie today


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