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What does “ADOPTED” look like?


Adopting a rescue dog is a privilege. It will open up your heart, it will teach you about forgiving your past and moving on. Rescue animals give everyone a chance, and give their new life 100% of their enthusiasm and love.

They have so much to teach us! Consider opening your home to an animal in need.



Tom the cat steals hearts


Tom the cat steals hearts

Can you believe that Tom, the tabby with the frost bitten ear, touched the heart of a family hours away from Chatham-Kent?

Well, he did! A Mississauga family saw his picture and knew he was the one. This week they made the 3.5hr drive to meet Tom and adopted him. They weren’t disappointed, Tom is the most affectionate cat we have ever had and his trademark is “The Hug”. Tom will walk up to anyone and put his paws on their shoulders and cuddle up, melting everybody’s heart in the process.

It is pretty amazing what a photo can do. We hope to have more adoptions like this one.


We are listening! Take our survey


We are listening! Take our survey

We would love to hear from you about your experience with us.

If you have adopted from PAWR please go to Survey Monkey HERE.

If you have used PAWR for an other reason please take this survey HERE.

And as always you can email us with your questions or comments anytime at

Duke’s recovery

Prior to surgery

Duke’s recovery

Duke was scheduled to be euthanized after he gobbled up toys and other foreign objects which ended up creating a blockage in his intestines. Our vet at DMS Veterinary Group contacted us in hopes we would be able to help him. We agreed and surgery started right away.

The blockage was so bad that some of his intestinal tissue had already started to die off and a section of it had to be removed. After a rocky first night Duke pulled through and was able to leave the clinic for his foster home.

Duke has been recovering very well and is just about ready to find his forever home.

Duke waiting for his last vet check up

Duke waiting for his last vet check up

Injured goose on the loose

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Injured goose on the loose

We received a call from a concerned trail walker who spotted an injured goose at Mud Creek in Chatham. After investigating the situation we found out that the animal had been there for weeks and was unable to fly likely due to an injured or broken Continue reading

Falcor’s story


Falcor’s story

This is the story of a dog…

We received a call from a property owner whose tenant had been evicted. When they went to assess the condition of the house they decided to check the barn as well. What they found left them shocked and heart Continue reading

13 cats adopted!


13 Cats adopted at our Special Adoption event

What a fantastic turn out this last Sunday at PetValu! We came in with 18 cats and left with only 4. This is great news on several levels. First, we get to free some room in our foster homes. Second we know none of these young cats will go on reproducing and adding to the already heavy feline population in Chatham-Kent.

We work hard to continue our cat program, this means sterilizing every single cat who comes through our rescue. By doing so we know that it is only a matter of time before Chatham-Kent’s cat population stabilizes to a more controllable level.

Thank you to the many dedicated volunteers who joined us and to the community who came to help.

“Look-A-Like” contest – Winners


“Look-A-Like” contest


Here are our winners! It was a blast seeing so many pet owners play look alike with their animals. Thanks to all who participated and congratulations to our winners:

For the best dog photo: Sherri-Lee Breaton

For the best cat photo: Jes L Bourne

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DogLoversDay was a blast!


DogLoversDay was a blast!

Two sunny days, many volunteers and lots of dogs, what else could we ask for for the first annual DogLoversDays in Chatham. Our 3 booths where buzzing with excited dog owners who received freebies and enjoyed Chatham-Kent’s Largest Dog Water Dish. Continue reading

15 more cats being sterilized


15 more cats being sterilized

We don’t always post our trips to spay/neuter clinics, but this morning we couldn’t resist mentioning it because we wanted to acknowledge the selfless work our volunteers perform and how they involved their entire family.

Our TNR coordinator, Kim Smith, likes to include her children in her volunteer work, teaching them many life lessons while doing great community work.

Her son Jackson gave her a had with paperwork on this trip and ensured all the traps and carriers were tagged properly. 15 cats will be sterilized today, that represents thousands of kittens not being born in Chatham-Kent this year and for many years to come.