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Our new cat condo!

Our new cat condo!

The amazing Union Gas Golden Genies completed their cat condo project and their hard work will benefit out cats and kittens for quite some time. Fresh air, lots to look at and fun with your furry friends is exactly what our kitties needed!

Thank you, Genies, you are making a big difference in the life of our cats.

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Soup Day at Union Gas a success

Soup Day at Union Gas a success

The 6th Annual Soup Day held at the Union Gas Head Office in Chatham on February 15, 2017 raised an impressive $1000 for our rescue!

Thank you to the organizers and the many employees who joined in the festivities to make it a success. We had such an excellent time participating.

Empties for PAWR

We welcome empty wine and beer bottles at the Animal Centre at 405 Park Ave. E in Chatham. Each bottle helps us pay for the vet care our animals receive, and for everyday supplies.
If you need help unloading your bottles please coming in the office and we will assist you.

Board Member Vacancy

Board Member Vacancy at Pet and Animal Wildlife Rescue

Pet and Animal Wildlife Rescue (PAWR) is responsible for the animal shelter as well as animal control in wards 2 and 6 for the Municipality of Chatham Kent. We are currently seeking two (2) board members who will serve as links to the community by providing strategic direction, and high-level oversight for the Continue reading

Wish List – We need your help

New Beginning Wish List

As you may have read our organization is taking a big step in promoting animal welfare further in Chatham-Kent by taking over the Animal Control contract for Wards 2 and 6. We take this opportunity very seriously and will continue to commit all of our energy towards helping and protecting local animals.

From day one we have operated on donated funds, adoption fees and fundraisers, but starting mid-November we will be working with a budget that will allow us to employ 6 local residents and operate out of a central location in Chatham. Our budget is by no mean extravagant and we will have to do everything we can to keep our operating costs down to maximize the funds available for the vetting of the animals in our care.

Here is a list of what we will need continuously and hope to get a little help from friends and supporters like you:

  • Paper towel rolls
  • Cat litter
  • Cat dry food
  • Cat wet food
  • Towels
  • Garden tools
  • Laundry soap
  • Dish soap
  • Stainless steel bowls
  • Office paper
  • Garbage bags

All donations can be picked up by volunteers or delivered to 405 Park Ave. E in Chatham starting November 14, 2016. THANK YOU!

Orphan puppies find their homes

Orphan puppies find their homes

It was a long 6 weeks of constant care for 9 orphaned puppies who were surrendered to us just over a month ago, but the results were worth it!

After the mother of the puppies past away they were delivered to our local PetSmart where the staff was ready to spring into action and help us clean and feed them. After their first feeding they made their way to a foster home where they carefully monitored. Once we were confident that they were strong enough for a little travel, 5 of them were sent to another foster home to ease some of the workload.

During their time in foster care the puppies gathered a following of fans and it was without struggles that 9 adoptive families were found prior to them being actually ready for adoption.

We brought all the puppies back to PetSmart for their big adoption day and snapped a photo capturing their impressive growth in just a few weeks!

This was such a great community effort! The public responded anytime we asked for supplies, our foster homes had everything under control and our adoption coordinator had every family lined up and ready to bring their new family member home.


McGregor students chose P.A.W.R.!

We are honoured to have been chosen by a group of amazing young men from John McGregor Secondary School.
Will Rokebrand, Jason O’phee, Kevin Nguien
and Spencer Homles decided to use P.A.W.R. as the non-profit organization of their choice for a presentation.
We can hardly wait to see the video they are creating!
And just to make it even more special, they have started fundraising to help us with the cost of running such an organization.
THANK YOU Will, Jason, Kevin and Spencer!

What does “ADOPTED” look like?

Adopting a rescue dog is a privilege. It will open up your heart, it will teach you about forgiving your past and moving on. Rescue animals give everyone a chance, and give their new life 100% of their enthusiasm and love.

They have so much to teach us! Consider opening your home to an animal in need.



Tom the cat steals hearts

Tom the cat steals hearts

Can you believe that Tom, the tabby with the frost bitten ear, touched the heart of a family hours away from Chatham-Kent?

Well, he did! A Mississauga family saw his picture and knew he was the one. This week they made the 3.5hr drive to meet Tom and adopted him. They weren’t disappointed, Tom is the most affectionate cat we have ever had and his trademark is “The Hug”. Tom will walk up to anyone and put his paws on their shoulders and cuddle up, melting everybody’s heart in the process.

It is pretty amazing what a photo can do. We hope to have more adoptions like this one.