Volunteer with us

Volunteer with us

Pet and Wildlife Rescue is always seeking motivated volunteers willing to offer some of their time and expertise to help animals in need.

In order to remain on our list of approved volunteers we ask for a minimum time commitment. We also ask that you schedule your time with us in advance by calling the office at 226-996-9969 or by email us at pawrrescue@gmail.com so that we can make sure work is available.

If you wish to join our team, please visit us and fill out an application at 405 Park Ave. E in Chatham.

Candidates must reapply if inactive for over a year.

Dog Walker

If you wish to volunteer as a dog walker you will be asked to carefully read our dog walker handbook. Dogs must be wearing a martingale collar and a harness for all outings. What a great way to get some exercise and give a pooch some fresh air!

Minimum time commitment: 2 hrs per month

Kennel Aid

Kennel helpers will be asked to assist the animal care staff by cleaning cat or dog kennels and insuring that every animal has sufficient food, water and toys. It can get dirty, but no job is purrfect…

Time commitment: 4 hrs per month


Our animals can make quite the mess and dishes are just part of the daily life at the centre. Put on some gloves and make some bubbles, nothing makes us smile more than a pile of clean bowls and litter boxes.

Time commitment: 2 hrs per month

Dog Training

If you have positive reinforcement training skills we want to hear from you. Many dogs coming through our doors can greatly benefit from some basic training. Why not practice your talents with our four legged students?

Time commitment: 2 hrs per month

Cat Cuddler

If a fan of felines then cat cuddling is for you! Though we do not have openings very often (lots of cat lovers around here) we can sometimes accommodate a couple more hours of cuddles for our cats. Contact us and see if we are able to work a schedule that fits your availability.

Time commitment: 2 hrs per month

Event Attendant

Do you love to interact with the public? We do too, so why not join us during our special events and teach visitors about our services and our animals.

Time commitment: 1 event per year

Grounds Keeper

Some of us may have a green thumb, but time flies when you have so many animals and keeping up with the weeds and landscaping can be a challenge. Get some sun and use your gardening skills with us.

Time commitment: 2 hrs per month (spring/summer)