Astarte & Isis


This past May, 44 rats were dumped in a recycling bin on a trail in Kingston, Ontario. The Kingston Humane Society spent over 10 hours in the dark and rain to capture the poor defenseless animals. Unfortunately, 7 had already drowned in the creek before they received the call for help, but they were able capture the remaining 37. Many of the females were pregnant and 37 quickly turned into 140 rats. The Kingston Humane Society was able to adopt and transfer out many, but they still had 58 left. As a shelter we have been in the same predicament with different species of animals. We have relied on the help of rescues and shelters when we become full with dogs, small animals and especially cats. When we saw Kingston’s plea for help we couldn’t resist welcoming 8 of these beautiful souls into our shelter. With the help of Critter Cabs, these lovely ladies have arrived and they are now searching for their forever homes.

Please welcome Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Isis, Venice, Florence, Paris and Italy. They are currently split into 2 groups of 4 (hence their themed names), but we will be adopting them out in pairs. Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Isis are all 6.5 month old females, and Venice, Florence, Paris and Italy are all 7.5 month old females. The Kingston Humane Society and their fosters did a wonderful job of separating by gender so there will be no more surprise baby ratties. All of these cuties have received a dose of Revolution. The fee to adopt a pair is $30 – this does not include the cage. These ladies are young, and very social. Understandably, they aren’t overly trusting of humans yet and can be a little bit squirmy, but they are handle-able, adoptable and have never shown any aggression. Their favorite pastime is cuddling and taking naps together in their hammocks or hidey boxes. They love burrowing their food and treats into their blankets, and chewing on their toys. They will make a wonderful addition to any households with gentle and patient adopters.

These beauties were the product of a disastrous situation. We are so grateful to the finder who called it in, and to the Kingston Humane Society for coming to their rescue. Help us find these little ones the home that they deserve!

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