Breed: Harlequin Rabbit

Age: 1 year old

Gender: Spayed Female

Hi there! My name is Burger. Like any good burger, I am a mixture of the finest qualities and ingredients. 1 cup of cuteness, a splash of independence, 2 tablespoons of curiosity and just a dash of sass. I was brought to the shelter as a stray and was never reclaimed. I’m a 1 year old, Harlequin Rabbit. I’ve been spayed, and now I’m ready to venture into my new forever home. As mentioned above, I’m a fairly independent girl. I don’t mind being handled for short periods of time, but will usually let you know that I want to be put down by squirming and kicking around. I love to explore bunny-proof rooms by hopping around, sniffing/rubbing my cheek scent on new items and perching on top of blankets or other cozy items – I truly am the queen of the castle! During my cage free time at the shelter I prefer to socialize strictly with humans, and not other bunnies. I would make a wonderful addition to a bunny-savvy home.

Will you be the fries to my burger? Please adopt me today!

Please remember that rabbits require daily enrichment and cage-free time to live happy & healthy lives. Rabbits live 5+ years on average, and require indoor housing to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

Adopt today and we will contact you for a pick up time! *Pick up must occur within 1-3 days of order placed.*

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