Chicken Nugget and Blackberry (male pair)


Hello there! We are Chicken Nugget and Blackberry, a pair of male guinea pigs looking for a forever home together. We may be shy at first, but with a gentle hand and some patience, we will come around and show you our sweet and playful personalities.

Chicken Nugget is a handsome beige guinea pig with soft fur and bright, curious eyes. Blackberry, on the other hand, is a striking black guinea pig with a shiny coat and a playful spirit. We are both around 3 years old, which is considered to be on the older side for guinea pigs, but we still have plenty of love and companionship to offer our new family.

As guinea pigs, we are social and intelligent animals who require plenty of mental stimulation and social interaction to stay happy and healthy. We love to play and explore, and we especially enjoy having new toys and treats to discover. Our favorite foods include fresh vegetables like carrots and bell peppers, and we always appreciate a good scratch behind the ears.

Cage and accessories can be included for $80.

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