Cool Whip


Sex: Female

Age: 6 months

Hi, I’m Cool Whip!

I am a super sweet young bun who was brought in to the shelter as a stray. Unfortunately for me, and many other bunnies who are released outside, I was covered in dozens of ticks 🙁 I was an outstandingly good and patient girl while they were all removed. My friends here said they have never seen better! I’m currently enjoying my new life, living somewhere safe with plenty of fresh hay.

I’m still likely to grow some more, so my ideal home would be one who will let me out for daily romps around the house with you, and who would set up a nice big pen for me to live in during your “out of house times”. I’m already doing fantastic with my litter box habits. I would probably love food puzzles and some toys (like willow branch balls, stacking cups with hidden treats, and plastic baby keys to toss around). A girl like me is easy to please!

Please remember that rabbits can be an 8+ year commitment, and require specialized care as well as daily free-roaming time to stay heathy physically and mentally!


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