Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 5 years old

Gender: Spayed Female

Introducing our special office kitty – Dot! Dot is an extra large, loving lady who was surrendered to the shelter recently as her previous owner could no longer afford to care for her.
Dot is a super friendly, socialized gal with a BIG personality 🀩. Due to her full-figure, she has been moved into our communal space for additional exercise and roaming-timeβ€¦πŸƒβ€β™€οΈ Dot learned how to break out of our adoption cages in record time ⏰ so clearly she was meant to be free! πŸ•Š
At 5 years old, Dot still has energy to BURN πŸ”₯, she is a very adventurous and active kittyπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ. She loves to jump up on desks and chairs to say hello πŸ‘‹, steal a bite of your food and proceed to roll onto your lap for a cuddle. 😽
She is very food-motivated and won’t hesitate to take a chomp out of your breakfast, lunch or dinner 🍽! She is a true food mongrel and will break into bags of kitten food or the staff donuts if she gets the chance. πŸ˜‹
Dot is super confident, extraverted and silly πŸ€ͺ. She is essentially a bowling bowl in kitty form 🎱! She is chonky and compact.
Dot is a very affectionate girl and loves pets and attention at all times. πŸ₯°She will zoom over whenever she is called or gestured at – she is a true indoor kitty queen.πŸ‘‘
Dot does not love other animals and would do best as the only fur baby in her new household. Dot really likes to be the centre of attention. She appreciates being spoiled and pampered whenever possible. 🌟
Dot also can get especially playful when she’s stimulated and her tail gets the shakes and wiggles! She is endlessly entertaining. 🀑
Dot’s main quirk is that she isn’t the biggest fan of her hind-region being touched – she can get sassy, play-bitey or slappy before bouncing back to her friendly, playful self. Essentially, she’s not afraid to tell you off when she’s unimpressed. 😼
We can’t wait for this special lady to find her new home! The staff adore Dot and her funny personality. ❀️

*Dot is overweight as per our veterinarian and would benefit from a dietary food. Due to her current weight she has trouble cleaning her back region and has accumulated mild dandruff*

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