Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 2 years old

Gender: Spayed Female

*Ellie is currently off-site in foster care*

Hello! My name is Ellie!

I was brought into the shelter several months ago as a VERY pregnant stray. I was lucky enough to be scooped up into foster care so that I could give birth and raise my babies comfortably. I gave birth to 6 colourful babies who have all since been adopted (Cookie, Oreo, Wasabi, Olive, Honey & Marshmallow)! Now that my kittens have been adopted out and I can finally be spayed this week…I am ready to find my forever home!

Personality wise, I am a very friendly, socialized, affectionate and playful lady. My foster family says that I am an attention HOG and love to be pampered, massaged and rubbed at every and all times. I am currently in a foster home with two young children and I am flopping down on their laps for a cuddle all throughout the day. They are supposed to be doing virtual learning or something??? But I would rather have the kids pay attention to ME. I love to be loved. I am a purring, rolling and kneading machine. I would thrive in a home environment with constant attention and where my family is home a lot so I can spend LOTS of time with them.

I am in a foster home with a small dog and a couple of adult kitties as well and let me just say… I am NOT a fan of the doggo and will attack him any chance that I get. The other cats… I tend to keep my distance from but I get pretty hissy when they are near. I loved my kittens but I would most likely do well as the only fur baby in my new home. I may adapt to a home with a submissive, respectful cat but this is not guaranteed. I would THRIVE in a home with young kids as I adore them in my current foster home.

My foster mom says that I love belly rubs and that I am such a friendly, bubbly and chipper lady. I am a certified couch potato and love to sleep on the bed with my foster family. I am a true cuddle bug and love constant snuggles. I am quite confident and warm up to new environments quickly. I have a big, silly and extraverted personality and I can be quite chatty at times.

I am still young, active and have very high energy. I love to play and adventure all throughout the day in-between getting love and attention. I can get rowdy at times and I am a SUPER playful gal overall. I also like to play bite & kick, hehe! I am colourful inside and out.

If you’re looking for a young, sprightful, affectionate, needy, active & social young calico kitty – that’s me! Adopt me today! 🙂

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