Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 1.5 years old

Gender: Neutered Male

Meet scrunchy-faced Fez! This silly-looking guy was surrendered to the shelter recently as his finders were unable to keep him.

Fez and his family were seen roaming outdoors and were fed and socialized by their finders before ultimately being surrendered to the shelter. While Fez and his family are used to people and are somewhat socialized and friendly… they are still warming up to the shelter environment.

Fez is a shy, reserved, introverted and docile guy. He is used to having indoor/outdoor access and is not quite sure what to make of this whole busy, bustling shelter scene… Fez would prefer a quiet home where he can take his time to adjust and settle in.

Fez is very gentle, cooperative and docile. He has moderate-high energy. Fez is young and likely is more active once he has settled into a new space or setting.

In a new space, Fez takes a few minutes to warm up but he will be rolling, rubbing and arching his ways into your arms for more rubs in no time at all. Fez quickly turns into a purring machine who loves attention and rubs. Given a quiet, cozy area – he won’t necessarily dart or hide but he’ll stay by your side or in your arms soaking up all the love and rubs you can give him. He is a shy but very friendly and affectionate boy.

Fez is a scared-y cat and will take time to adapt to an indoor home setting. We would expect him to hide for the first little while if given the chance. Fez would do best in a smaller, contained area to start off while he gets comfortable. Fez needs a quiet home with no kids or dogs but he would benefit from another kitty friend. Fez loves his family members (Kimba, Oscar & Lightning) and other cats help bring him comfort.

Fez would do well with a patient adopter who is willing to give him the patience and TLC that he needs to blossom. He has been around people for most of his life and is just especially scared and shy. However, he is gaining MUCH confidence each day. Take a chance on sweet Fez!

*Fez has a grade 2/6 heart murmur which has no clinical signs or symptoms and has no impact on his health. Fez also has significant hair loss/scabs on his back from previously having fleas*

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