Marvin & Big Daddy


Breed: Domestic Rats

Age: 1 year old

Gender: Males

Meet Marvin & Big Daddy! These two sweet lads were transferred in from another shelter who was bursting at the seams with rattys! They are also housed with their two other brothers, Waldo & Fred 🙂

Marvin & Big Daddy are SUPER friendly, socialized boys who have been around people their entire lives. They love being near people and won’t hesitate to jump on your lap and climb all over you (in the cutest way). They are used to being picked-up and held and are quite cooperative overall. Rats can make great pets and are very trainable. They are social and curious little creatures who love enrichment, puzzles and exploration. These sweet-peas love to be together and cuddle all throughout the day. They provide endless entertainment and can be very affectionate, friendly pets with the right socialization. Adopt this cute pair today!

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