Sex: Female

Age: 11 months

Meet Meringue, a fluffy and adorable white bunny who is looking for her forever home. This sweet little bunny is the perfect addition to any family looking for a furry friend to share their love and life with.

Meringue is a calm and gentle bunny who likes to keep all four of her feet firmly on the ground. She enjoys spending her time exploring her surroundings, munching on leafy greens, and snacking on dehydrated celery. Her favorite pastime, however, is playing with her stacking cups filled with treats, which keep her entertained for hours.

This little bunny is a social creature and doesn’t mind the company of cats, dogs, or children. She has been accustomed to living in a home with a variety of furry friends and is always eager to make new friends. She is gentle and patient, making her an ideal companion for children and a great addition to any family.

One thing to keep in mind is that Meringue struggles to adapt to change and likes her routine. She thrives on consistency and will do best in a home where her environment is stable and her routine is predictable.

Please remember that rabbits can be an 8+ year commitment, and require specialized care as well as daily free-roaming time to stay heathy physically and mentally!

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