Rachel & Monica + Rabbit Pen


Breed: New Zealander Rabbits

Age: 1 year old

Gender: Spayed Females

Hi, we are BFFS and forever roommates, Rachel & Monica! We came in as a stray with another bunny (Phoebe). Unfortunately we were never reclaimed, so now we are *hopping* to find our new forever homes!

In case you didn’t pick up on it, we are all named after the female leads in “Friends”. Just like Rachel and Monica – we are ALL about my friends and relationships. We enjoy lounging in the company of one-another, and we can’t wait to form a bond with our new owner(s) too! We are spirited young ladies but pretty self-involved – I mean, I can you blame us?

We are still getting used to being picked up to be moved, rabbits don’t really like that after all. We enjoy our morning greens with my daily pellets/hay, and love the odd apple or carrot treat as well. Do you want to be our friend? 😉 Adopt us today!

Adopt today and we will contact you for a pick up time! *Pick up must occur within 1-3 days of order placed.*

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