Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Age: 12 weeks old

Gender: Neutered Male

*Seamus will be available for pick-up after his neuter on Thursday Jan 27th*

Introducing Seamus!

Seamus was brought in as a recent stray with his siblings Maeve and Ronan. This trio was being fed by their finders but has a little ways to go with socialization. Seamus and his brother Ronan are not too used to people or the indoors yet and can be described as “spicy”. They tend to greet the staff with some big hisses in the morning, but in reality they are all bark and no bite. Seamus gives in a little as soon as he is picked-up and held and is quite cooperative once he is being handled – he likes to zoom away and hide when he gets the chance but with just a week or two more of TLC, he will gain confidence and trust around people. Seamus will ZOOM in a large open area and gets especially frightened in new spaces. He would do well in a quiet home environment with an adopter who is okay with spicy/shy kittens. Seamus will need a contained area to start off. With patience, treats and love – he will be purring in your lap in no time. At 12 weeks old, kittens are still highly adaptable and trainable. Adopt a spicy kitten today!

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