Breed: Dwarf Rabbit

Age: 5 months old

Gender: Spayed Female

Meet… Vienna! If you’ve been keeping up with our small critters, you may remember our last Dwarf bunnies: Arkham, Cheeto & Beans! Well Vienna is from the same family and has been living her best life in foster care for the past 2 months with one of our very experienced small animal volunteers.

Vienna is a very well socialized, sweet and friendly buns. She is UBER confident and extraverted and is ready to bounce out of her cage at all times.  She loves cage-free roaming time and exploring new places and rooms. Vienna is well socialized with people, cats and dogs and is used to being picked-up and handled. She’s got a big, curious personality and would do well in any small animal’s home that can give her the space, time and love that she needs. Adopt her today!

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