Age: 2 years old

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Gender: Neutered Male

Walter Whiskers is no ordinary cat! With his mischievous charm and whiskers that could tickle feathers, he’s the reigning champion of cuteness in the neighborhood. Born on a sunny day, he was destined to bring joy and laughter to all who cross his path.

This whiskered wonder is an adventurer at heart. From chasing dust bunnies to conquering feathered toys, Walter’s acrobatic prowess is truly impressive. He’s a cat-robat, leaping and bounding across the room, displaying his feline finesse with every graceful move.

So, if you ever need a dose of laughter, love, and feline fun, Walter Whiskers is the purr-son for the job. With his playful spirit and purr-fection, he’ll make your heart melt faster than a popsicle in the sun. Welcome to the world of Walter, where paws-itivity and whisker-wiggling adventures await!

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