Breed: Rabbit

Age: 7.5 months old

Gender: Neutered Male

*Weiner is currently off-site in foster care, same day pick up may be unavailable*

🎶 Weiner, weiner, bo-beiner
Banana-fana fo-feiner
Weiner! 🎶
Hi folks! My name is…. you guessed it, Weiner! 😅
I am a 7-month-old, Neutered Male Rabbit. 🐰 I am another long-term resident bunny at the shelter, ever searching for my forever family. 🔍
My momma was brought into the shelter in the summer 🌸 after being found as a stray, before she could even complete her stray hold she gave birth to myself and my eight other siblings!! 😱 We were lucky enough to be scooped up into foster care with kids, cats and dogs so that we could be exposed to handling and socialization! 😁
I have been around the block…from the adoption centre, ➡️ to PetSmart, ➡️ to back to foster care. I’m not sure why I haven’t been able to find a family yet… 😢
My current foster mom says that I am the most easy-going, polite, and clean bunny that she has ever fostered. ✨ I am a gentle-bun that is calm for my age and likes to keep my space neat; I am litter-trained and not a messy eater! I love treasure-hunting for apples 🍎 and veggie treats, grazing on hay and exploring new crevices.
With all of the uncertainty in the world, having a small critter in your life can bring stability, joy and overall adorableness. 😇
Adopt me today! ❣️

Please remember that rabbits require daily enrichment and cage-free time to live happy & healthy lives. Rabbits live 5+ years on average, and require indoor housing to live their healthiest and happiest lives.

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