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Pet And Wildlife Rescue is a registered charity in Chatham-Kent whose main mission is to raise animal care standards in the community.

Our mission is carried through several programs which include finding suitable homes for surrendered or abandoned pets through fostering and adoption, providing temporary animal care to local pet owners in distress, operating a pet food bank, and assisting orphaned or injured wildlife through our volunteer team.

Our organization is contracted by the municipality of Chatham-Kent to provides animal control and pound services for the county.

Our Board

PAW Rescue is governed by a board of directors dedicated to bringing their talents to the table.

Randy Parent

Kelley Robertson

Lynda Lansue

Kate Myslik

Dave Brooks

Steve Pickard

William Sharrow


AGM – May 22nd, 2024 – 5:30pm at 405 Park Ave. E, Chatham –

by membership only

Our Mission

We provide compassionate care for abandoned and surrendered animals and enforce public and pet safety through education and by-law enforcement.

Our Vision

Raising animal care standards and promoting respectful human-animal relationships.

Our Values

Kindness – We believe in empathy for everyone involved, including our animals, staff, volunteers and the public by demonstrating a non-judgmental and compassionate approach.

Caring – We customize our animals care program to maximize comfort and chances at adoption for each individual animal.

Accountability – We are aware of our responsibilities to the animals, the municipality and the public and ensure that we are accountable and transparent.

Collaboration – We strive for the greater good for all animals and embrace collaboration with other organization to maximize positive outcomes.

Education – We aim to raise awareness and knowledge across the community to promote the humane care of all animals.

Welcome to our Animal Centres

Our staff looks forward to meeting you and assisting you with your needs.

Our Chatham Location

405 Park Ave. E
Chatham, ON
N7M 3W4
Monday 12pm to 4pm
Tuesday 10am to 6pm
Wednesday 10am to 5pm
Thursday 10am to 5pm
Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 12pm to 4pm
Sunday 12pm to 4pm

Our Wallaceburg Location

113 Arnold St.
Wallaceburg, ON
N8A 3P3
Monday 2pm to 5pm
Tuesday 2pm to 5pm
Wednesday 2pm to 5pm
Thursday 2pm to 5pm
Friday 2pm to 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed