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What does PAWR do?

Pet And Wildlife Rescue operates the animal shelter in Chatham and Wallaceburg. At our Chatham location we take in all cats (strays or surrenders) from Chatham-Kent, many small animals, stray dogs and dogs people wish to surrender. At our Wallaceburg location we take in stray dogs as well as dogs people wish to surrender from the Wallaceburg area.

Pet And Wildlife Rescue also provides Animal Control Services to the entire municipality. Now what exactly is ‘Animal Control Services’? Our officers enforce Chatham-Kent’s Responsible Animal Ownership By-law as well as the Dog Owners’ Liability Act. This includes, licencing, leaving dogs out in extreme weather, dog attacks and bites, dog at large and enforcing the Pit Bull ban.

Below is the link to Chatham-Kent Responsible Animal Ownership By-law and the Dog Owners’ Liability Act:

All other services are provided by the rescue side of our organization and is not part of our contract. Which means that as long as one of our volunteer and funds are available we will provide the service, but if not, we may not. We understand how frustrating this can be, and how emotionally charged it can get when you are the one looking for assistance, and we hope that the public understands that for the one complaint about an animal we were not able to help, we assisted many others that were never talked about.

Where are you located?

We are located in Chatham-Kent, Ontario, Canada. We operate two animal shelters:


405 Park Ave. E
Chatham, Ontario


113 Arnold St.
Wallaceburg, Ontario

What are your hours of operation?


Monday 12pm to 4pm
Tuesday 10am to 6pm
Wednesday 10am to 5pm
Thursday 10am to 5pm
Friday 10am to 5pm
Saturday 12pm to 4pm
Sunday 12pm to 4pm


Monday 2pm to 5pm
Tuesday 2pm to 5pm
Wednesday 2pm to 5pm
Thursday 2pm to 5pm
Friday 2pm to 5pm
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Are you a no-kill shelter?

Pet and Wildlife Rescue operates as a target zero organization. We manage two open-admission shelters for animals located in Chatham-Kent. This means that we do not turn animals away.

It also means that animals who would be refused at other shelters or rescues have no other options than to come to us. Some may be too sick to be treated, too injured to heal or too dangerous to rehabilitate.

We make every effort possible to treat, train or relocate difficult to adopt animals, but we sometimes have to make a difficult decision either to alleviate suffering or to protect the safety of the public.

How long does it take to adopt? What is the process?

If you wish to adopt a dog the process can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the animal and the number of applications. Our adoption coordinator reviews all applications to find the best fit for the animal and then begins the screening process until the perfect adopter is found. Do to the high volume of applications received, we do not contact every applicant. If you do not receive a call or email within a few days of applying, it usually means that someone else has been chosen to adopt.

Don’t feel discouraged or think that something is wrong with your application. We work hard at finding the best fit for our animals and each animal being unique, your situation may be great for one dog but not ideal for another.

If you would like to adopt a cat, simply visit our Chatham location or PetSmart in Chatham and complete an adoption contract. Please note that our contract has a strict “no declawing” clause.

If you are a good match for the cat, you will be able to adopt the same day.

Do you provide medical care for owned animals?

We do not provide care for owned animals. Please contact one of our local veterinary clinics and don’t forget to keep your pets up to date on their vaccines!

I have lost my pet, what can I do?

Report your missing pet by calling us at 226-996-9969, or email us at [email protected]. Include a photo if possible.

Use the power of social media. Lost Pets of Chatham-Kent is a very active Facebook page that helps many lost or found animals.

Our lost and found classifieds can also help, especially if the pet isn’t located within the day. View our Lost and Found Classifieds here.

Advise your neighbours, and good old posters still work! Make sure to include a photo or complete description of your pet and your contact number.

Remember to consider microchipping your pet to increase your chances of being reunited promptly.

Do you board animals?

No. Our mandate is to provide assistance and temporary housing for stray and unowned animals until they can be reunited with their caregivers. Since we do not know the history of most of the animals in the shelter, your pets could risk contracting a serious illness from the other animals. Check your Yellow Pages to find local Boarding kennels for your pets.

Can I get updates on an animal I dropped off?

Due to the volume of animals entering our shelters, we do not provide updates. All adoptable animals will be posted on our website once available.

Who do I call for a deceased animal?

If the animal is on public property please contact public works at 519-360-1998. If the animal is on your property it is your responsibility to dispose of the carcass.

What do I do if I was bit by an animal?

Report any animal bite to a human to the Chatham-Kent Public Health Unit immediately at 519-355-1071 ext. 2902. Inspectors investigate all reports of animal bites to humans to determine possible rabies exposure.

If exposed to a suspected rabid animal, we will provide rabies vaccine to your physician to treat you.

If the animal who bit you was a domestic animal, the animal will have to remain in quarantine at the shelter for the mandatory 10 days. If the animal is yours, you will have to option to quarantine at home.

Do you offer veterinary services?

No. The shelter does not have a veterinarian on staff.

How long do you keep stray animals?

: Provincial statutes require us to keep stray animals for 72 hours (three days). Once this period expires, the animal become property of the pound and will be assessed and enter our adoption program.

Do you provide wildlife removal services?

No, we do not offer wildlife removal from a person’s home. You will have to call a wildlife removal company. We do provide some services for injured and/or orphaned wildlife when our volunteers are available.

Who do I report animal cruelty to?

Report incidents of cruelty or neglect to 1-833-9ANIMAL. If you believe an animal’s life is in immediate danger, contact us at 226-996-9969.

Do I have to vaccinate my pet against Rabies?

Yes. In Ontario, it is the law that dogs and cats over 3 months of age be vaccinated against rabies.