Podge and Ms. Ribble (bonded pair)


Age: 1.5 years and 6 months

Breed: Domestic Shorthair

Gender: Spayed Females

*Currently in foster care, same day pickup will be unavailable*

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Ms. Ribble and Podge, an inseparable bonded pair of feline companions who are ready to bring love, joy, and plenty of purrs into your home. These two adorable furballs may have come from different backgrounds, but fate brought them together, and they’ve become the best of friends ever since!

Ms. Ribble, a charming dilute tortie adult, is the epitome of feline grace and elegance. With her striking coat and captivating eyes, she exudes confidence and sophistication. While initially a bit reserved, once she warms up to you, she’s a devoted companion who loves nothing more than cuddling up on the couch or sharing a sunny spot by the window. Ms. Ribble is the more outgoing of the pair, always ready to explore and engage in playtime antics.

Podge, the adorable white and tabby kitten, may be the younger member of the duo, but don’t let his size fool you—she’s got a heart as big as his purrs! Initially shy and cautious, Podge takes a little time to trust new people and surroundings. However, once she feels safe and secure, she blossoms into a playful and affectionate companion. With his endearing antics and gentle nature, Podge is sure to melt your heart and brighten your days.

What makes Ms. Ribble and Podge truly special is their unbreakable bond. Though they came into foster care separately, they found solace and comfort in each other’s company. Their foster mom quickly recognized the magic of their friendship and decided to keep them together—a decision that transformed them into the dynamic duo they are today! Whether they’re grooming each other, chasing toys around the house, or simply enjoying each other’s presence, it’s clear that these two are meant to be together.

Ms. Ribble and Podge are seeking a patient and loving forever home where they can continue to thrive as best friends. While they may be a bit shy at first, with time and gentle encouragement, they’ll reward you with endless love, loyalty, and companionship. A quiet and calm environment would suit them best, where they can feel safe to explore and express their unique personalities at their own pace.

*Please arrange pickup within 2-3 business days of online adoption*

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