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Turn OFF the Heat! July 6

Leaving a pet in a car during hot days is never ok, even if for just a minute.

Join local first responders and local public figures in experiencing what animals endure when left in a car during hot days as they sit in our car for up to 15 minutes. We will be starting at noon on July 6th in the PetSmart parking lot in Chatham. This event will last until 2pm.

Grab you lunch off our BBQ while you are there!


Our wish list…

We are loaded up with cats, kittens, bunnies and dogs and cleaning is just a constant part of our job. We are going through supplies very quickly and are hoping to get some of our “wanted” items donated to help us do the best job possible.

Consider dropping off even one or two items and it will be a big difference for all of us. Thank you!