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Howard Insurance to the Rescue

All good relationships start somewhere. Being a part of a great community helps, but what makes
communities great are the people in it.

The staff at Howard Mutual Insurance definitely make our community a better place to live.
About a month and a half ago, P.A.W. Pet And Wildlife Rescue’s manager was approached by a staff member from the well-known local business. She was told Howard Mutual Insurance staff wanted a chance to get out into the community, is filled with animal lovers, and wanted to help us at the shelter in any capacity they could.
The offer to help with the move was accepted almost immediately, which is either a show of their true
colours, or a sign of insanity. We’re going to go with the first, because even insanity couldn’t have provided
the energy the staff delivered.

Monday May 27, the whole shelter was to be moved approximately 100 steps (one way), door to door. One-
hundred steps doesn’t seem like much, but my step tracker informed me I managed to walk almost twelve
kilometers. Which is a LOT of back and forth.

Monday’s group helped us getting everything into the new building, walking the walk over and over between
the old dented front door of our former location to the beautiful glass double-door entry of the new building.
Carrying boxes and cages and totes, they worked all day until the last box had been moved. Tuesday, a new
group of volunteers showed up to help tie up any loose ends we had left, including cleaning out the old
shelter. Every one of our helpers rolled up their sleeves and tackled all the really tough jobs left, including
pulling the doors down, ripping out the cages, and getting every item in the building that could be recycled
out, all with huge smiles on their faces.

We can’t begin to thank the staff at Howard Mutual Insurance enough for all their hard work, their effort, and
their willingness to help. We have no idea how much longer it would have taken us to complete the move
ourselves, but we’re sure their assistance those two days helped us get the shelter open and ready for
business infinitely quicker than had we not had their help.