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Myth Busting Time!

We understand that the thought of animals in shelters can be heartbreaking, but let’s debunk a common misconception.

Animal shelter workers are dedicated to finding loving homes for their furry residents. Contrary to popular belief, animals that come in animal shelters do not face euthanasia!

Our compassionate staff works tirelessly to provide care, rehabilitation, and a second chance for every single animal who comes into our care. Ask any of our animal care staff as they take care of up to 300 animals daily!

Of course we are also the last stop for desperate cases whose health have failed them or who pose a serious safety threat to the community, but these cases are such a small portion of the large amount of animals we help yearly that they should not become the focus, dimming all the efforts placed in saving thousands of lives each year.
Assuming that all shelter animals meet a grim fate doesn’t do justice to the hard work and commitment of these unsung heroes. Let’s spread awareness and correct information instead of myths.