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Microchip Clinic December 11 from 12pm to 4pm

Join us for our microchip clinic on Sunday, December 11 between 12pm and 4pm at the shelter located at 405 Park Ave. E in Chatham.

All participants must pre-register at

We are offering a total of 200 microchips. You will have to option to pre-registers for a specific time slot.

Dogs and cats only.



  • When a lost pet is found and taken to either a vet or shelter, one of the first things they will do is scan the animal for a microchip.  Once the chip is located and scanned, they can search the microchip registry to quickly locate the owner’s contact information, saving time for everybody involved.
  • The microchip technology is designed to last your pet’s lifespan so there is no need to replace it after a certain amount of time.
  • If your pet was adopted from a rescue shelter, there is a high possibility that they were already microchipped.
  • Pets with microchips are more likely to be returned to their owners.  One study has found that dogs with microchips are returned 52.2% of the time, while dogs without will be returned only 21.9% of the time. As for cats, cats with microchips were returned 38.5% of the time, while without the microchip only about 1.8% of the time.


  • Microchips aren’t GPS units. As helpful as microchip technology is, it won’t help you locate or track down your dog or cat.
  • While the microchipping technology is incredible, your pet should always wear a collar with tags on them. All information should be regularly updated, especially after a change in address or phone number. It’s also important to ensure your dog’s collar is equipped with any licenses required in your area such as municipal dog tag and rabies tag.