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Pawsitively Perfect Partnerships

Pet and Wildlife Rescue as teamed up with local businesses to promote animal adoption in a unique way. Every week, the shelter brings adoptable pets to a different Chatham business for a photoshoot.

The photoshoots serve a dual purpose: the shelter animals gain exposure while local businesses are featured and promoted. The partnership is truly a win-win for both parties involved.

Not only do these photoshoots showcase the pets in need of forever homes, they also create a sense of community engagement and support. By working together, Pet and Wildlife Rescue and the participating businesses are sending a message that they care about the welfare of animals and are taking an active role in helping them find loving homes.

Furthermore, the weekly photoshoots allow the adoptable animals to experience new environments and socialize with people outside of the shelter. This exposure can help to reduce stress and anxiety, making the pets more adoptable in the long run.

The collaboration between Pet and Wildlife Rescue and Chatham businesses is a testament to the power of community involvement in animal welfare. Through these photoshoots, the organizations are showcasing their commitment to supporting their local community and the animals that reside within it.

If you’re in the Chatham area and are interested in adopting a pet, keep an eye out for these weekly photoshoots. Not only will you have the opportunity to meet an adoptable furry friend, you’ll also be supporting the businesses in your community.