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Feel good story time!

We are happy to announce that after almost 4 months Skye is finally adopted! When Skye came to us in April, she was not using her hind leg.

Her x-rays were sent to a specialist and it was decided that with a surgery and rehabilitation she would be able to use her leg again. Surgeries were performed, rehabilitation exercises and equipment were used (Water therapy, laser therapy and daily exercises) but Skye still appeared uncomfortable and unwilling to use her leg. After 2 ½ months of trying to save her leg we decided that it was best that we cease to prolong her discomfort. Skye had her rear leg amputated.

Since she has been in our care, the couple that brought her in to us have been closely following her story. We cannot always guarantee that those who bring a stray animal in will be able to adopt it, but we are thrilled to announce that Skye’s finders (and heroes) have adopted this beautiful girl.

While she may be returning to them with one less leg than before, they love her just as much as the day that they brought her in to us! We want to say thank you to Skye’s adopters for being patient and kind throughout the process. They went months with no updates as we have so many animals in our care that we cannot provide updates on strays/surrenders brought into our facility.

Thank you to everyone who donated towards her multiple surgeries – we could not have done it without you! Congratulations to Holley, Nick, Scout and most importantly … Skye!