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Under One Roof

As we head into the colder months, Pet and Wildlife Rescue (PAWR) wants to ensure that all surrendered and abandoned animals in Chatham-Kent are safe, warm, healthy and cared for. That is why PAWR is launching its second annual fundraising campaign “Under One Roof”, designed to raise funds for its daily operations, replenish its emergency medical fund and raise awareness about how we can all help reduce the number of animals that come into the shelter each year.
Running from Oct.1 until Nov. 16, this fundraising campaign is focused on three key areas:

– Ensuring that we can continue to provide the daily care that our abandoned and surrendered animals deserve “under our roof”. With such a wide variety of pets and wildlife coming through our doors, we need to be prepared for the unexpected.
– Replenish our emergency medical fund, as a large portion of our annual budget is spent on veterinary care.
– Advocating and educating Chatham-Kent on how we can all play a part in reducing the number of animals that find themselves “under our roof” in shelters/rescues like ours.

To provide a financial donation, please visit the “Donate” section of

Over the next six weeks, we will highlight the services we offer, offer tips and seminars on how to care for and keep our pets safe, as well as how we can all play a part in reducing the number of animals in shelters each year.

Let’s work together to ensure abandoned and surrendered animals can all stay safe and warm this winter, under one roof.