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Wounded Sparrow

Poor little Sparrow must have been wondering on the road and was likely hit a few days ago. Lucky for him, he was found wondering the streets of Paincourt and was taken in by a lovely lady who knew something wasn’t quite right with the small stray.

As soon as Sparrow was brought in, an appointment was made with our veterinarian to examine his wounded body. X-rays confirmed what we expected, one of his rear leg is badly fractured. The end of his tail is also injured and will require surgical intervention. Other scrapes and bruises should heal on their own.

Our veterinarian was kind enough to make room for Sparrow despite being fully booked and our little injured boy has undergone one of the two surgeries needed.

We are hoping to raise some funds to help offset the cost of Sparrow’s treatment, if you can help, please donate here. We truly appreciate your support.