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Help Otis!

What a month! First Sparrow and now Otis…

Otis was surrendered with a few leg fractures. We wanted him to have his second chance and scheduled him for surgery right away to have his badly damaged leg removed and to give him some much-needed relief.
During his pre-op exam and bloodwork, Otis was found to be riddled with parasites, extremely anemic and also suffering from both heartworm and Lyme disease. Throughout his entire ordeal, Otis has been nothing but a dream. He just wants to be loved and cuddled.

We are committed to helping him feel as good as he can, and to get him into his forever home. This is where we will need your help! His surgery and follow up treatments are costly and will take a bit of time to complete – we would greatly appreciate any contributions that you can make to help cover the cost of his veterinary care. We thank you, and Otis thanks you for your support!